Now my life will change for the better

The subject of this research and artistic project became a new spirituality that breaks the previous orders of what is religious and what is secular. In the past, religion was one of the most important systems determining man's sense of existence and social role. In the postmodern world, it is man himself who creates his life, consciousness, and the sense of existence. By choosing his identity and creating an individual vision of the world, he constructs his personal biography. The new form of religiosity is a contemporary search for the sacred, a form of an alternative lifestyle, an individual practice based on self, mindfulness, reflection, self-awareness, depth, and personal growth. These spiritual practices become helpful in understanding and taming the world in the face of feelings of fear, uncertainty, doubt and loss,
crises, and social isolation. They are a recipe for experiencing fulfillment and, as in the title taken from an entry in a guest book belonging to one of the spiritual healers, a change for the better.

The project consists of a series of photographs - portraits of people engaged in spiritual practices, a sound installation with short fragments selected from conversations I had with the portrayed people, video works being a record of rituals in which I participated, and objects representing these rituals. In the following visualization of the exhibition, I have included an exemplary arrangement of the exhibition, links, and screenshots from video works, objects, photographs. The works can be freely modified depending on the space in which they are located.